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Our Very Own Products

Even though our main service is co-packaging, we also make some of our own delicious desserts and baked goods!

To request information on any of our products please contact us (click here)!

Coconut Macaroon

A delicious macaroon with a crunchy outside and soft inside, with a tasty coconut taste throughout!

liqor cake old double.PNG

Liquor Bundt Cakes

A delicious rich Bundt cake infused with the liquor of your choice! 8'' in diameter and 3'' tall. 

Liquor choices:

  • Rum                

  • Coconut Rum

  • Bourbon         

  • Moonshine     

  • Whiskey         

liquor cake full round.PNG

Cake Pops


Everyone's favorite cake pops. A small delicacy, decorated for the eye, and baked for the taste.

Gingerbread Men


Gingerbread men baked at the perfect snacking size, and with such a great taste it's hard to eat only one. 


Survival Hard Tack

A biscuit like stick, that can be soaked in soup, coffee, or any liquids! Our own line of survival food, as to be prepared is better than to not be.

You can find more links to our Hard Tack and other products through our link tree at the bottom of every page! 

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